Aeolus (Greek: Αἴολος [ǎi̯olos]) - Ruler of the Winds.

Core Competencies:

HPC Clusters

Aeolus specializes in the design, installation, optimization and support of HPC clusters for Computational Fluid Dynamics and Computational Chemistry applications. Our systems are truly turnkey with your applications installed, configured and ready to go.


CFD Development Expertise

We don't just build systems, we're CFD developers, too. Our experience includes multiphase flow, electrochemistry for fuel applications, immersed boundary formulations, solar load radiation models, and atmospheric turbulence/plume models.


Trusted by the Best

Some of the world's most respected organizations trust Aeolus Technologies with their computing needs. Among them are the US Department of Energy, Princeton University and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission. We'd love to work with you, as well.

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