High Performance Computing

Aeolus takes a start-to-finish approach to computational solutions. Computing resources start with a well-balanced computational hardware and communications network – but there’s more to it than that. Our expertise in hardware and software deployment allows us to deliver a complete computing system fine tuned to your target applications. Our systems are truly turnkey; we’re not finished until the system is doing useful work.

Here’s our general approach:


We’ll work with you to spec a system that is specifically tuned to your needs. From computing hardware to data center design to power delivery, we’ll help you understand the options (and dodge the obstacles) that come along with system design.

Most importantly, we’ll design with your target applications in mind from the very beginning. The will help to ensure optimal performance and higher productivity for your projects.


Our engineers and technicians will expertly install and test your system. With dozens of installations under our belt dating from the 1990’s, we have a deep understanding of the installation process and how to effectively and efficiently get the job done.

Application Configuration.

This is where many companies have to bow out. But because we use (and sometimes helped to develop!)┬áthe applications commonly employed by CFD and Comp Chem teams, we’re familiar with the ins and outs of getting these programs┬áto run smoothly at both the cluster and user level.


Getting a system online is a big task. But reliable, knowledgeable support is essential to maintaining a healthy system and happy users. Our expert teams support HPC systems every day. We’ll be there to support you, as well.

Contact us to learn more about what we do or to tell us about your upcoming project.